Bandwidth Burstable option management


I copy/paste here my other thread ( -->HERE <–) about the burstable option

About the bandwidth limit and the burstable option (not sure it is related to the 1.9) :

  • when a user exceeds the limit of bandwidth there is no mail alarm sent to the administrator of the box. It’s a shame, as I can’t check all account every days and I can’t force the burstable option to OFF (in fact I could by tweaking the theme)

  • I have a user who had exceeds his bandwidth limit. His account had been created on february 12th. I told him, I’ll wait until his birthday date, to send him an invoice for the exceedent bandwidth used. But on the March 1st, his bandwidth data has been reseted. So I can’t know how much he exceeded his bandwidth during his one month subscription (ended on march 11th), also I couldnt invoice this bandwidth’s going beyond to him.

It could be great to have :

  • an email alert to the box admin when a siteworx account reach his bandwidth limit
  • the ability to allow or disallow the burstable option. I’d like it will work like this :
    • If the box admin disallow it, the siteworx user couldn’t allow it.
    • If the box admin allow, so the user could allow or disallow it, it is his choice)
  • Be sure to be able to follow up the exceed bandwidth during every birthday period (I mean, If a siteworx account is created on xxxx 10th, the bandwidth used should not be reseted before the 9th of the next months) and receive an email alert when the bandwidth used is reseted (only in case of the limit has been reach, this allow the box admin to invoice the client).



I totally agree. We’ll be revisiting the burstable option here soon.