bandwidth usage, both directions or just one way ?


just changed to a new server host and although the bandwidth graphs indicate a 1.5TB usage i have been told that i have used well over double that figure.
are the bandwidth history figures showing usage in both directions or just one way and the total figure for the month is total bandwidth used and not just one direction.
What do the bandwidth usage monitor, anything else apart from http and ftp ?
if the server is rebooted and service network restarted will this effect the figures in nodeworx.

Thank you

I don’t believe mail is included in the BW graphs.

The bandwidth history figures include FTP and HTTP incoming and outgoing. Anything else, including mail, is not included in that calculation. Any measurement done at the actual switch port level would be the most accurate. The Bandwidth graph in NodeWorx monitors the eth0 device, so it also would include more data. Rebooting the server and restarting the network doesn’t affect any of these things.


i did an ifconfig and those figures where pritty much the same as nodeworx, was just supprised that nodeworx was showing 1.5TB but my host says i have used 3.5TB plus.
Thank you for your reply, gives me a better understanding of whats monitored etc.