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I have a question about the bandwidth limit. On my panel nodeworx, I can limit at xxx go per month. But I have a problem. My hoster allow me a bandwidth as 10 Mbps. I’ve not limited bandwith per month, but I can not upload or download more as 10 Mbps (the limit is for the server).

Is it possible to limit the bandwidth of my account? Because, actually, if somebody download at 10 mbps on one of the site, all the site are momently inaccessible (no more bandwidth availlable).

If this is not yet implemented, and it is possible to do, I am sure that this option will be interessant for most client, no?

I hope that you have understand my question, and I thank you for yours answer.


The BW in NodeWorx is talking about the total amount per month, not how fast.

Also, one site could not take all the BW because it would have to be shared with other sites.

Yes, but I have one site who use 13.2 Mb/s… If I inactive it, the outspeed fall at less than 1Mb/s. When it is active, all of my site are very slow. But when I inactive it, all the other site are very fast.

I want to really shared the BW between all the site (for example, I want to define that this site could use max 2Mbps). That’s not possible?


Yeah, im sure it’s possible, but not through NodeWorx front end.

Check out this site:

Ok, you are looking for BW throttling on a per Vhost basis.
Somebody has probably written a module that can do that, but I don?t know of one.
Im sure someone else will chime in with what you are looking for.

I have found this modification on the

LoadModule bandwidth_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/


<IfModule mod_bandwidth.c>
BandWidthModule On
BandWidthDataDir “/var/lib/apache/mod-bandwidth”
LargeFileLimit 200 30000
LargeFileLimit 1024 20000
MaxConnection 3

But… I don’t found the apache module at /usr/lib/apache. Where is it with interwox? My knowledge of Linux is not enought good to found the apache folder. Could you explain me where it is? I think that if a modifi the scipt below, I can have what a want.

Thank you very much