Best whole server backup?

Hi again. Which is the best way to backup a whole Interworx server until the high availability option is working? I’m thinking of installing another server and using the backup - mass transfer option to backup all accounts from one server to the other? Pros? Cons? Thanks in advance! PS: It’s cold today in Spain :frowning:

The mass transfer option is probably not the best way to keep a server backed up. It’s really meant for migrating from one server to another.

The best way would be to create SiteWorx backups using the backup command line tool and storing those backups on another server.

The following doc has information on how to use the backup command line tool:

Thanks Socheat. I’ve read the article and as far as I can work out, to backup 150 accounts, I’d have to list them all one by one in the config file. Is this correct? Thanks!

There is one detail missing from those docs. You can do:


And that will backup all the domains for you. I’ll be sure to update the docs so it’s clearer for other people. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

It would be a good idea to update this in the docs :rolleyes:

I was looking for it for a few hours today :o

I wrote it down here:
So that somebody can fix this :wink:

Added – will show up the next time we publish the site:-)