BFD Config that works

Hi juraj

Apologies over mistyping your name, old eyes on a small mobile screen

As far as I know, bfd will loom through the whole log until it has history in bfd

The only documentation is on rfx where you posted the link

Please can I ask what you set the trig value to I’m conf.bfd, are your cron set as default and how large is your pop log

I’m thinking if it’s large, it may not be completing in time, but it is exceptional quick I have to say

Many thanks


Hi John…

Don’t worry about mistyping my name :slight_smile: and I don’t think that your eyes are older tham my :slight_smile:

Y have fount where is the main problem …

When BFD is running first time it only calculates log file sizes … I think is doing nothing.

During next run is calculating nw=ew log file size and if it is biger then is starting to search only in this DELTA … NewFileSize - OldFileSize = DELTA…
It means is looking only to end of log file …

I have overwrited size value in these files to 1 and it started to go through whole log file :slight_smile: now I have plenty od blocked IP addresses :smiley:

So simple … :slight_smile:

If it would be created log file via rotating … then it would be OK…
That means that problem is only after nwe installation of BFD…

Thanks for nice Forum-Talking :slight_smile:


Hi juraj

Excellent news and thanks for posting your resolve

I myself do not see that on our systems, as we load bfd on first setup

Just a heads up, the firewall will only restrain 200 entries I think, but I’ll post tommorow how to make the firewall retain iptables in definitely, or set the value to retain to match your requirements

Glad you resolved it and have a lovely night

Many thanks


Hi Juraj
To change the limit of number of IP addresses held before been removed (oldest first as new IP are added), you need to
ssh into server
cd /etc/apf
vi conf.apf (or your prefered text editor)
locate the following line and set your value accordingly
save and restart firewall
I hope that helps
Many thanks

Hi John.

Thanks …
I have found it :slight_smile:

Bye Juraj