Big Mail Server

I want to run a mail server with 2500-5000 users and about 5TB of storage

what would be the best configuration

Thank you


Any configuration you’d like to run. Though in this case, I’d recommend a cluster of three machines and some sort of SAN or NAS attached and mounted as /home on the CM.

Here’s how that would work:
Install CentOS on your Cluster Manager.
Attach your storage appliance and mount it as /home.
Install InterWorx on three (preferably identical) machines.
Set the one with the storage appliance as the CM in NodeWorx’s Clustering > Setup menu, and set the other two up as nodes.
Start bringing in your domains for e-mail, and set them up.
Bump your maximum IMAP and POP connections in NodeWorx’s System Services > Mail Server > MDA menu.

That should at least get you started.