There is service status for web, ftp, MySQL, pop3, imap and smtp. However, there is no info regarding bind/dns.

InterWorx doesn’t use BIND at all. It uses djbdns for DNS services.

In general it would be a bad thing to disable DNS on a server, which is one of the reasons it isn’t listed there with the other “start/stop/restart” options of the other services. Although I see your point that it would be nice to have the status of the service displayed there.


I have one domain on my server that uses an external service to manage their DNS. On the Plesk server it currently resides, I simply disabled DNS for the domain. However, I’m about to migrate this domain to our Interworx server. Is there a way to do this in Nodeworx? Is it good enough to just delete the DNS entry from the Zones?

You actually don’t even need to do that. Since the InterWorx server isn’t acting as the DNS server for that domain, the records on the server are never looked at so you can just leave them be.

What if the client hosts mail externally from the server?

What about local mail that is sent out from the server to the domain? Would it see the local MX records and try to send mail locally or would it actually see the correct MX records and send it to an external smtp server?

This may be covered somewhere… I am just a lurker looking to sell Interworx… so I have a lot o’ questions :slight_smile:

I also feel compelled to mention there should never be a need to delete the DNS zone for a SiteWorx domain on the box. I know that’s not exactly what you were proposing, whoisjb, but figured I should mention it. :slight_smile:


You need to run:


Without the vdeldomain step, regardless of what the MX records say, the box would see the domain as local and attempt local delivery.

Also, if the DNS for that domain is managed by the InterWorx box, you’ll need to update the MX records to point to the correct MX server. If DNS for that domain is not managed by the InterWorx box, this step is unnecessary (but you’ll want to make sure the MX record is correct, wherever it is).