Block email with a specific subject

I need to block specific subject email’s and can’t find option in IW panel.
If it’s not possible in panel then what is best way to block specific subject/title spam messages?


As far as I am aware, there is not a way to block email by a specific subject from the GUI like you would, for example, be able to block a sender. It is not a standard advanced rule for SpamAssassin.

You may be able to create a custom rule from the command line. Here is some documentation that may be helpful: WritingRules - SPAMASSASSIN - Apache Software Foundation



Please have a look at these past forum threads, which show you how to create SA rules

You should be able to add subject instead of body but @IWorx-Jenna could be correct as I have not logged into nodeworx or siteworx and SA may have been updated since sorry. Just posting from memory

Many thanks


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