Broke Nodeworx


We installed a fresh os on our server
Next we successfully insalled interworx

Then we installed the following
We then recompiled php,
After we were done, we thought everything worked perfectly, but afterwards we realised the the whole Interworx installation had broke,

Now we have already called the datacenter, and they already wiped out the server and did a new OS install for us, and later tonight were doing a fresh Interworx install.

My question is this,
Where did we go wrong and what may have caused us to break the interworx install?

We have done the same thing on Cpanel servers many times without any problems, and without breaking Cpanel.

Could anyone shed some light on the subject, or?
Any information will be helpfull.

When you recompiled PHP, what was the configure command you used? Did you rebuild from source or from an SRPM?


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I believe our installer rebuilt from source, But Im not absolutely postive on this.
What is the proper steps to install this software without breaking the system?

Thanks for your help

I’m really not sure how installing any of those things or recompiling php could have affected InterWorx. InterWorx installs it’s own copy of php, mysql, and httpd to avoid these exact complications. In what way exactly was the system broken after the misc software was installed? Perhaps something else caused the breakage, it’s hard to guess what without examining the install in the broken state.


Is it possible that your installer overwrote/removed the IWORX PHP Packages and not just/and or the SYSTEM PHP Packages?

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing EverythingWeb. If you accidentally rebuilt InterWorx’s instance of PHP, you will most likely encounter problems. crawltheweb, the parameters you passed to “configure” when building PHP will tell us if you accidentally rebuilt InterWorx’s PHP or not. If you did build it correctly, then something else is up and it’d be really hard to diagnose unless we could check it out while it was broken, as Paul said.