Bug: Can't delete domain without .ext

[SIZE=1]Most likely a bug …[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]A reseller made the mistake to add 2 siteworx account without giving a domein extension (i.e.: domein, instead of domein.com).[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]While trying to delete this account, both the reseller, and main admin get the error message:[/SIZE]
? No SiteWorx account exists with the given domain : domein

[SIZE=1]How to delete the domain without hacking into mysql ?[/SIZE]

Yes, this is a bug that is fixed in our upcoming release. You can delete it from the command line by running:

/home/interworx/bin/package.deactivate.pex --domlist <domain>

Worked like a charm :slight_smile: thanks!


I’ve encountered the same situation.

Chris, using the command you provide I can create again new siteworx accounts. BUT the selected IP addresses that were used for creating the bad-accounts (those without .tld), are no longer being shown on the list of available addresses when creating a siteworx account.

So, the bad-accounts without .tld where created selecting “dedicated” IP addresses. These are no longer being shown as available on “create new siteworx account”, although no account is using them.



Do the dedicated IPs that should be free show up as free (i.e. no domains used) on the IP Management screen?


Maybe the Vhost file didn’t get deleted?


I manually deleted the vhost files that remain even after the command, but it didn’t help.

Chris: Yes, those IPs seem to show as ‘unused’ and cool on ‘Ip management’. I attach you two shots to see. The IPs .152 and .153 should show up on “add siteworx account” IP list, right?

I promise I haven’t done anything weird on that box… O:)




Have you tried changing them from Dedicated to Shared (see if they show up on the SiteWorx page) then back to Dedicated?

Worked like a charm :slight_smile: Thanks Everythingweb.

No Probs. Glad it’s sorted.

(I cant say I have experienced the same thing, or indeed had to perform it. But it was a stab in the dark, knowing that Iworx must handle the IP’s somewhere in a database.)


and a prety good one too – we sometimes do the same thing :slight_smile: