Bug? with IWorx install, move /home

Bug or … ?

Yesterday, during my first install of IWorx came across one (small) error…

The box in question was a CentOS 3.3 with Plesk 7. The OS was already upgraded to 4.1 and Plesk removed.
My /home is/was on a seperate partition (/dev/sdb2).
During the install IWorx wanted to mv /home to /chroot/move and after that make the symlink.

But when /home is a physical disk/partition this mv is offcourse impossible.

Workarround was umounting /home wich leaves me with a /home as a folder on the / partition… let the install run (worked like a charm).

After the install completed i mounted my /dev/sdb2 to a temporarily mountpoint (/home-new), did a cp -a /chroot/home/* to /home-new and remounted the disk to /chroot/home.

Not a real big deal, but IWorX should possible check wether /home is a folder or a physical disk imho.

There actually was a check in there warp3 but it obvioulsy wasn’t very good :). I’ve changed it to hopefully better catch all cases where /home is mounted and skip the jail setup.

Thx for pointing this out and for your clear description of the problem.


Thanks for posting this, I didn?t know home could be on a separate partition was told (not by Interworx but Sago) that this could not be done, glad to have learned otherwise.