Buggy onChange JavaScript

I recently signed up for an VPS account at JaguarPC, and chose InterWorx as control panel software. I am happy with my choices, but there is one thing about InterWorx that annoy me:

Several of the select fields have an onChange JavaScript method that resets the chosen option every time I make a selection:

For instance, when I in the SiteWorx, Accounts section add or modify an account, every time I select yes in any of the Package Options select fields, it instantly get changed back to no.

The same thing happens when I try to add record types other than A in the DNS section.

On the client side I am running SuSE Linux and the Opera 8.5 browser.
I think this error is caused by some non-standard JavaScript/ECMAScript, because when trying this on a PC running Windows and IE6.0 (i.e. a less standard compliant browser), it seems to work.

I am running InterWorx-CP v2.1.3 [Unlimited Domain] VPS on the server.

Death to IE

As a web designer I can feel Iworx pain with this kind of stuff. Usually stuff doesn’t work on IE then you have to hack it up to get it to work and then breaks on other browsers. Hopefully they can figure out a fix.