Burst ?

Hi, i have some questions about the Burstable option…

Is there a burst limit ?
If yes, what’s this limit ?
If no, can i set it ? How ?

What happen if some site is always in burst ?

I’d like to know more about Burst, because this option is a great feature for a friendly hosting but it would also become a nightmare quickly !

Thanks in advance !

I don’t believe you can set that in Siteworx. It would be a good idea to be able to set a max instead of just turning burst on and off.

So there’s no limit ?

If i turned this ON, a website that pay for 10GB would be able to go up to 1000Gb ??

I haven’t tried, but as far as I know there is no limit unless there is a limit in Nodeworx for the overall server.

So i’ll never turn this on !!
Until we can set a limit or until i know the user who wants the Burst ON !

Thank you for your answers lineman :wink: