BW Charts?

Not sure if this is a bug, but I uploaded a large 4GB file to my server last night and now it’s being downloaded by one person via FTP.

The Eth0 chart right now shows 135-150 Mbps of BW, the downloader maxes out around 25Mbps connection.

Looking at the BW chart for FTP shows one spike in the night to about 10 Mbps upload, my upload was going at about 3 Mbps and it was over 3 hours.

The BW chart for FTP also, doesn’t show this current download either.

Web server traffic shows about nothing as well (compared to this big Mb numbers).

So not sure where all this Eth0 traffic is coming from, and why the BW seem to be wrong on the FTP chart?

i find web server clients graph is not very acurate either about 80 to 100 out at times

Justin -

There’s a known issue with a particular ethernet driver (e1000, I think)) in Linux. We pull the numbers for the chart from /proc, and there’s a bug with that driver and randomly multiplying reported bandwidth. It’s unfortunately a bug in the driver/kernel.

The charts are definitely not the most accurate. We pull snapshots of bandwidth, CPU, etc, every 5 minutes via CRON, and no attempt is made to determine what may have happened in the other 4 minutes and 59 seconds. It’s primarily a “quick glance” thing, and we want as little impact on server performance as possible to get it.


Yeah, they’ve always seemed to be pretty close for me, but this was way off. So I must be affected by this bug.