Can a Demo SiteWorx account be set up?

Specifically in IW 3.x, is it possible to set up a DEMO SiteWorx account?

If so, any how to’s? (Thanks)

I know there is one for the current version here:

SiteWorx Demo
Password: 	demo

Im sure when Iworx 3 is out officially there will be a new demo page (I think there might be one setup already, maybe if you do a search you can find it, maybe in this thread??)

Thanks for the reply Justec, I am aware of the demo here at InterWorx.

I am more interested in setting up a 3.0 Demo SiteWorx account using my custom IW theme on one of my own servers running IW. I do not want to the whole install to be a Demo, just one SiteWorx Account. Not sure what would have to be done to do this, but that is what I would prefer to do. Hope that clarify s things.

No that’s not currently possible, but it is an interesting idea. We’ll take it into consideration for the next release.