Cannot create Siteworx account for host domain


I am new to Interworx. I just set up a vps using I wish to use this domain as a Web site. I tried creating a Sitworx account for but get ‘zone exists’ error message.


Please open a ticket with your root and NodeWorx login information, and we’ll investigate the problem.


Problem solved

Hi again.

My host provider has solved the problem for me.

I am recording the step taken so that others – those new to Interworx – in similar plight can find an answer quickly.

How problem arose:

When I first accessed NODEWORX, I was prompted to key in the server’s domain name which I did as all else would not work otherwise.

8 records were created for automatically in the DNS server. So, when I tried to create a siteworx account for, the system shot a ‘zone exists’ message and I could not complete the transaction.

Remedial steps:

  1. remove the 8 records for in DNS Server section

  2. insert DNS TEMPLATE in DNS Server section as follows: A 43200 A 43200 CNAME 43200 CNAME 43200 NS 43200 NS 43200 MX 10 43200 SOA Edit SOA Properties 43200

  1. create siteworx account for

NB: where it says ‘’, please use your domain name.

That’s it.