cant connect to update.interworx

Ok ive setup a test server at home. Centos 4 installed minimal config.

SSH to the box works, and connection to outside ips work, but I cant wget the interworx installer.

[root@dev ~]# wget
=> `’
Resolving… failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.

I tried on another server and it worked fine. What am I missing?


I figured it out. /etc/resolv.conf

nameserver was, I changed it to my gateway ip.

My guess is that you didn’t have a dns server installed on your box and then yes you would need an external resolver.

For normal opperation resolv.conf should read

[root@iworx ~]# cat /etc/resolv.conf
[root@iworx ~]#

Once you get Iworx installed and running you should switch back to this and restart the ntpd service