Can't login via POP, gives password error - IMAP works fine


I’m having an issue with logins over POP not working, though the exact login-information works over IMAP.

Any advice on what to do with this?
(I’ve got an angry user on the line)


EDIT: It is global that users can’t access their mail over POP. This also applies over pop3s.
EDIT2: My issue doesn’t seem to be related to the “0”-connections bug, as far as I can see.

This issue was resolved via support ticket. The problem was that there was an alternate POP3 server listening on port 110, spawned by xinetd. Looking in /etc/xinetd.d/ there were two files, popa3d and popa3ds (if i recall correctly). Editing those files and setting “disabled = yes” and restarting the xinetd service fixed the issue.

Yes, that was it - thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:
(Still it utterly sucks that it got edited without my authorization)

You said initially:

(I’ve got an angry user on the line)

then after you had raised a support ticket and asked for it to be fixed you say:

(Still it utterly sucks that it got edited without my authorization)

I find that rather bizarre. If I had angry customers because of an issue with my own server, and asked Iworx to fix it - I would be extremely grateful for whatever they did to fix it. They have been hosts themselves, at the end of the day, so they’re aren’t going to jeapordise their reputation by compromising a box/doing something you wouldn’t want them doing.

Unless of course the authorisation you were referring to was the creation of the issue in the first place in which I will quietly stand down from my SoapBox and agree with you whole-heartedly :wink:

</rant over>

I am grateful towards Interworx and Socheat in this case, you’re painting the devil on the wall there buddy! :wink:

What I mean is that an auto-update of the operating system messed up the configuration like this in way that I didn’t think should happen.

I am not frustrated towards Socheat or anyone in the Interworx team.

Clear enough for you lad?! :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I forgot to write here what I also wrote to Socheat in the support-ticket conversation; I have recommended the Interworx control panel to quite a few colleagues and this not only because it is a smooth and in my eyes secure cp, but also because of the level of support I’ve experienced with the people at Interworx. I can say that even simple sales inquiries takes longer to get responded to over at the cpanel-camp (well I have to mention a major competitor) than what a technical issue gets answered and dealt with by Interworx. Two thumbs up!

:smiley: Just checking :wink:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

No catfights tonight, move along :wink: :smiley: