Can't update user information


I’m using iworx 1 licence for testing proposes…

I’ve set-up 1 domain account and when i try to update user information, i got the message “? Licensed account limit reached. To add more accounts, please contact your InterWorx-CP license vendor and upgrade your license”

1 domain licence can’t change user information? (email / password)


The single domain license is restricted to 1 domain and 1 email account Paulo. In order to do much more you’d have to get a full fledged license.



Yes, i know that the licence is only for one domain (about email account’s, i didn’t know)… the question is… i can’t change the admin information ? (email and password) in this licence? i’m not adding any account, i’ve tried only to change the user domain information, nothing else.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Thank you

Hi Paulo,

We have just tested this out, and it is indeed a bug. We’ll have it fixed in our next release.