CentOS 5 migration or upgrade path

Greets to all,

I’ve done some forum search, but the posts arround this topic aren’t clear.

So, my question is:

1st. What is the best migration path to CentOS 4 -> CentOS 5 ?
I have this new hardware, which I can install new CentOS and then how could I copy the existing interworx on CentOS 4 to this new machine?

2nd. I have another box with CentOS4 but would like to upgrade it to CentOS 5.
I just run the CentOS5 yum? or CentOS dvd? or reinstall the whole server?

If anyone has experience on this tasks, I would kindly aprecitate any help.


I know it is NOT recommended to upgrade, but rather start with a fresh install. So if this 2nd server is a production server, I wouldn’t recommend the YUM upgrade although it might work out for you…you just never know.

As far as moving CentOS4 old server to CentOS5 new server you can use the mass transfer option in NodeWorx. It really makes this a pretty easy process. Some things to look out for when doing this transfer is the /tmp directory. You made need to make a temporary /tmp directory in /home/tmp if you /tmp is on a partition without much space as this is where all the SiteWorx packages that are transferred are stored. To change the /tmp directory you will need to go into /home/interworx/iworx.ini and then under the [dir] section change tmp="/tmp" to tmp="/home/tmp" (or wherever you move it).