Centos 7


is it possible to install interworx on centos 7?


Hi ecohost

I’ll be trying that over the next few days, but if you have already tried it, please could you post how it went.

Many thanks


CentOS 7 introduces a lot of new things, and we’re working our way making InterWorx compatible. Not there yet, though, so we don’t recommend or officially support anything above CentOS 6.5 yet.

Yep can’t install interworx yet but when they do we’re going to move us to it and hopefully the HA will be included so we can start that with it :smiley:

Is there an ETA for CentOS 7 support?

None that I know of sadly, however CentOS7 has a lot of changes which means they have to change the way InterWorx works, and their internal services for the control panel to work. I would say probably mid 2015.

Thanks. I am setting up some new shared hosting boxes soon, and it’s good to know CentOS 7 support isn’t just around the corner after I get everything going on 6.5. I will proceed.

Today, our server shows a lot of updates for Centos, which looking at them, I am thinking it is for Centos 7 upgrade from 6.5 (based on 7.el).
I am not going to update the production server, due to above, but I will load a test server and see what effect the current centos update would have on IW-CP, unless a user has already done this, and would like to share
Many thanks

Hi, we updated all running smoothly. It’s not an upgrade to 7.0, interworx is showing “CentOS release 6.6 (Final)”

I can confirm, it will be Centos 6.6!

Yep, CentOS released 6.6 this past week, so if you’re running CentOS 6 and have OS updates turned on in NodeWorx (System >> Software Updates, keeping it turned on is HIGHLY recommended), your system will have been updated automatically to 6.6.

Hi Brett

Many thanks, and sorry for been cautious, I’m sure I read somewhere centos 6 is the first release which can be updated to next version, ver 7.

Hence my cautious approach

I’ll schedule for upgrade after a week or so, so it’s not noticed too much after our outage.

Many thanks


is it possible to install interworx on centos 7 now ?

Yes – details here! http://forums.interworx.com/threads/8203-CentOS-7-Suppport-now-in-Pre-Beta

You can install alpha version only. Check this: http://forums.interworx.com/threads/8203-CentOS-7-Suppport-now-in-Pre-Beta!

I wouldn’t try an in-place upgrade of CentOS 6.7 to 7… it broke my box pretty hard.

Turns out a simple downgrade of grep resolved the issue… but my httpd is still borked because I idiotically removed mod_rewrite by accident.

Issues with CentOS 7 has been resolved… I’ll be posting a guide on how to unbork your install the way ours was.

Thanks to Nathan and the development team for helping get my boxens back online! Whew, that was a couple nail-biting days… fortunately, my customers were very understanding.

As a side bonus for us, we’ll now be able to test Let’s Encrypt integrations via the manual process until InterWorx figures out a way for LE integration to be done.

Hmm… wonder if I can get the InterWorx folks to let me into their testing group? If there isn’t a write-up yet available for InterWorx, I’ll probably get one written up within the next few days.