CGI with C/C++ - mysql flush hosts


Two questions :

1/ Is it enough to install CGIC to run CGI written in C / C++ ?

2/ I receive this error :
1129 - Host ‘’ is blocked because of many connection errors. Unblock with ‘mysqladmin flush-hosts’

So I’ve run mysqladmin -uroot -p[password] flush-hosts"

Is it enough ?

How can I increase the max-connect-errors value. I find that I can change it by running “mysqld_safe -O max_connect_errors=10000”, but is there a config file where I may set this value ?


Hi Pascal,

1/ I’m not familiar w/ CGIC since I’ve never used it, but I have no reason to think it wouldn’t work

2/ Yes, that would be enough, and the configuration file you would use would be /etc/my.cnf