Change a customer billing date (reseting bandwidth counting)


Is it possible to change the monthly bandwidth count date in case a customer billing date has changed?

I mean, i created a siteworx account on day 18th but my customer is paying me on a monthly basis every 1st day of each month. The problem is that now his used bandwidth count begins every day 18 so by the time his hosting plan is supposed to begin (the first day of the month), siteworx show him the graphs as if he already had used some bandwidth (obviously it’s showing bandwidth consumption from day 18th of last month until his administrative billing date).

Is it possible to change this without creating the account again on the desired date? Any ideas?

Thank you.

actually, the current version of IWorx-CP shows you only true monthly bandwidth (i.e. all accounts are cycles on the 1st of each month and set to 0 bytes used).


ah okay, that will do for my needs, thanks.


Further to this:

I suppose that this might be a Feature Request, but thought I’d ask here since it ties directly into the question at hand.

Are there any plans in place to add the ability to set the start and end dates for bandwidth monitoring on a per account basis? Based on the way most of my customers are billed, they are setup on “anniversary billing”. In essence, the “first” of the month coincides with the date that their accounr was created.

To use the previous example, if I sign up on the 18th, my “month” is from the 18th of one month to the 17th of the next.

So, thoughts?

I didn’t even think of this until your post on the issue. We’ve always used monthly (non anniversary) billling for our own internal use so it natrually was our first choice for the software, but this current system makes no sense for those who do use anniversary billing. We’ll definitey get it in a future release.


That’s great to hear.

I use ModernBill for my billing software and have it configure to use anniversary billing. I find that it’s easier for me and my clients to do this. I don’t have to worry about prorating part of a month if they sign up in the middle of a month, and they don’t have to worry about anything really, since it’s all automated.


The 1.8 release will have API support for modernbill (we have it working smoothly internally right now) and the 4.2 release should come bundled with a mod_interworx as well (if we get it to them in time). So hopefully that’ll make your life a tad easier :).


Wow, that’s even better! Now I can use the API queue to set up accounts on my InterWorx box. Woo!

Thanks for the update, and keep up the fantastic work.



You will also be able to delete, suspend, and enable account, in addtion to creating account on the InterWorx server through ModernBill. We are also going to be working on adding more API functions other then the four mentioned already. We have also created an extensive API specification for anybody interested in integrating their accounting system with InterWorx in whichever programming language they choose.


Excellent news.

That’s been pretty much the only thing nagging at me. Some form of integration with billing software. Now that I know it’s coming, I’m even more happy that I chose InterWorx. :slight_smile:

We also have a working integration with DRAM System ( which will show up in the next major release as well. more to come :).


Any plans to do this with PayPal?

Since paypal just provides payment processing and not client management (at least not that I’m aware of) this’d be difficult. The idea was to just expose the InterWorx-CP API for others to use, but not actually integrate billing into the product itself. Have I addressed your question Tim or am I confusing things here?


No, I think I understand it. Paypal does not have the ability to change account features and thus change the amount billed. I should have thought of that before posting . . Thanks.