Change setting on mass account

Hi all,

Is there a way to change setting on all account in nodeworx ? I want to change the space disk and disable stat, but I don’t want to do this one by one :rolleyes:. I’ve over thousand account.
Is there a magic command in cli to do this ? :confused:

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Any idea please :slight_smile:

Hi Gimly,

You could do this with the cli client:

Highly recommend you read that - you can automate actions on thousands of accounts using simple bash scripting.

My guess is you’d want to do something like:

for domain in `~iworx/bin/listaccounts --domain`; do
  nodeworx -unv -c Siteworx -a edit --domain $domain --OPT_STORAGE 500

where OPT_STORAGE specifies a new disk usage quota in megabytes. -u means since you are root user, skip authentication. -n means non-interactive. -v means “verbose” which is optional but you may want some indication that the process is running smoothly.

I’m not sure what you mean by “disable stat” - do you mean not save transfer logs? That can be done by adding --OPT_SAVE_XFER_LOGS 0 to the nodeworx command.

Thank you Dan :). By “disable stat” is to disable awstat, analog and webalizer, because I come to offer piwik stats on a new server.

You can disable stats globally for your server in NodeWorx under Server->Settings


Oh yes exactly, I don’t think to watch in Settings. Sorry :o.
Thank you Dan for your answers :slight_smile:

No Problem! Glad to help! :slight_smile: