Changing a domain name


What is the best solution to update a domain name to an other in siteworx.

I mean, I have a siteworx account with the domain name, it is on a dedicated IP and have SSL.

I need to update the domaine name to a new one, but keep all the data/descriptions of this account

What should be the best solution to backup/restore this account under a new domain name ?



This question sounds very similar to the one you asked in this thread.

After giving it more thought, it probably isn’t as dangerous as I implied in the original thread, but again we haven’t tested it yet and it’s not one of our top priorities right now.

I can guarantee one thing that would break is your site code. Unless you designed your code in such a way that you can change all your database names quickly and easily (i.e., not have to edit each .php file), you’ll run into problems.