changing SSH Default port

Good day guys,

Im considering changing the default port for ssh on my system as I seem to be getting more and more attempts on my login.

Before i go ahead and do this i’d like to make sure that this wont break anything within interworx?

Can anyone confirm this?


It won’t break anything Nicarlo.

InterWorx will notice the change and report SSH on the correct port as well.


This software is brilliant!

Thanks Paul.

Another you can do is just firewall the regular port and whitelist your static IPs, that way there is no way for someone to get in. The only downside is that if you are on vacation or something and need to SSH in you will need to login to interworx first to add your current IP to the whitelist or disable the block.

thanks for the reply,

I was thinking of doing that also but i connect from too many locations and keeping a current list of all the ip addresses would be a pain.

thanks again!


I’m late on replying to this post, however I’ll recommend another option in case someone needs it.

Instead of allowing your shell users to access their accounts using passwords consider using keys or Passwordless logins. I would also consider disabling the ability to login as root. I could go into detail, however there are a number of good guides on the net.

Consider using denyhosts as well in combination with the above method. It stops brute force attempts by banning the ip in the /etc/hosts.deny