Christmas sale

Just checking to see if there will be some kind of christmas sale on licenses?

There should be… maybe some free/cheap 100 domain licenses as christmas presents for long-term InterWorx users? Would be nice not to have to pay for a license to put on a devbox… =]

Indeed - I’d love another license for a dev box, even if it was only for 2 or 3 domains :smiley:

Agreed, I mean, I only plan on hosting 2 domains on my devbox… would be nice if I could run InterWorx =]

Good enviroment to test the upgrade to V3 :wink:

The priveleage of using the best honsting control panel out there isn’t enough for you guys, eh :wink:

That’s not it at all, at least for me. All of the other posts do have some good points though I have yet to see any other control panel even offer a single domain trial license and they cost much, much more.

To be painfully honest, for me it is all about the money. I am getting ready to purchase 2 licenses and was looking for any way I could to save money and it never hurts to ask :slight_smile: Kayako was kind enough to give me 10% off and well you never know.

I was just pulling your leg peterz, no it never hurts to ask. To answer your initial question, no we aren’t having any sales right now.