Ok, so I am a real newbie to this control panel and strongly considering switching from Plesk. Just did a fresh install on a development box. One thing I noticed was that while clamav is installed, it will not start. It seems to be missing the clamd.conf file from /etc

Just a follow-on: yum install clamd managed to at least get clamav to show up in the control panel as “running” I do get cp errors when I set it to auto restart though:

replyCode: 500
replyText: Generic Server Issue

Freshclam seems to work from the command line, but no joy in the control panel.

yum install clamd

You’ve probably got a 3rd party repository installed that provides an incompatible clamav RPM set. You need to have the interworx-provided clamav RPM installed for things to work right. If you need a hand getting this worked we can help if you open a support ticket.

The auto-restart problem is a confirmed bug, which is fixed in the update release that went out moments ago.