clamd stopped

I just had a problem on my interworx server in that email was not being delivered for anyone on the server. The symptom was that mail was being rejected with

451 mail server temporarily rejected message (#4.3.0)

I little investigation showed that the clamd service had stopped, so mail could not be scanned, and was therefore rejected. However, as far as I can tell, the clamd service had been down for several hours.

All other services on the server are set to restart automatically, but that is not an option for clamav. I had a look through /services, and couldn’t find anything monitoring spamd.

Is that correct ? Shouldn’t there be something to restart spamd if it fails like all the other services ? Or have I got something misconfigured ?



Clamd isn’t a supervise started service which is why it’s not in the /service directory. We add something at some point ot monitor clam/spam but just haven’t been able to yet.


I am having the same error, except My clamav service is running. Everything that gets sent to this server is rejected with this responce being sent to the sending server- 451 mail server temporarily rejected message (#4.3.0)
as well as this line after the following line- 1 1104 00:00:00 ERROR OXU03130
I have searched and have found nothing that will fix this problem. It can send find and any message that is sent to another domain on the same server is recieved fine. But anything that comes from the outside is rejected with this message.

A side not does anyone know of a good list server that works well with Interworks.
I would like to add that I am very impressed with the responce I have gotten when I needed help. This is one of the reasons I was trying to find another salution to the email software I was using. I paid for support but it was almost impossible to get a responce and when it did come it was always wait until the next release to get a function that I had already paid for. You may not have all the features right now but I would rather have your support over there features that half the time don’t work anyway.