Client specific mail certificate

Is there a way to set the SSL certificates so that when a client connects though their domain, it looks for their certificate instead of looking for the server’s specific certificate? I would like to set it so that a client can see clientdomain.tld certificate instead of thecurrentnode.myservers.tld

Hi cheerdoothpick

Yes, there are 2 methods, depending upon how you prefer or your installation as follows

Assign a static IP to domain

Use SNI feature (shared SSL IP)

On both of the above, you need to goto the domain siteworx account, hosting features, domains, SSL and generate private key, CSR then use cert etc which you generated from a purchased SSL provider using the CSR or self generate your cert.

Please note if your using static IP no further actions are needed, but if using SNI, you need to add a copy of your system SSL into its own siteworx account, so it does not fail on SSL checking.

Lastly, you may want to change your ciphers used, depending upon your preference or needs, or leave them at defaults.

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Hi chewed toothpick

I’m sorry, I think I missed your question totally, small screen and bad eyes sorry.

Please see this post which should answer your question, but it is slightly old and maybe outdated.

Many thanks