clientexec 3 experiences?

We are considering clientexec 3 as an alternative to Modernbill 5.

Our business model can be simply described as a reseller system. The fact that clientexec 3 has a JAM affiliate module is a important reason we are looking at it. We want to use JAM to manage payments to our resellers.

We manage the servers where web hosting accounts are provisioned, but we want our resellers to manage the billing support for their customers.

Can anyone tell me of their experience with the following:

  • Managing administrators
  • JAM affiliate manager
  • API access
  • administrators: Whichever system we use will need to have:[LIST]
  • very granular control over administrator access. we want to make sure resellers can only affect exactly what we allow.
  • ability to link reseller to the accounts they generated. We hope to have hundreds of sub-administrators who should only be able to manage the account signed up through their websites.
  • JAM affiliate manager: is it working with refunds? If a reseller signs up a customer who later gets their account credited, is the reseller's payout adjusted correctly?
  • API access: We want add reseller's through an automated sign-up process- they'll be given an admin account in clientexec and a website through the Interworx API. Interested in hearing any experiences with custom scripting and this product.

I have been using, CE since version 0.97 in 2003. And in my opinion it is a wonderful product, a great development team and with a very active community just like the IW community here.

Over the last 6 to 9 months at CE development has hit into high gear and they actually listen to its customer and their needs, amazing concept.

I have looked closley at Modern Bill, AWBS (actually own a copy), and several others I have looked at closely and I keep coming back to CE.

In regards to Administrators, you can add permissions to Admins. With the NEW fame work of CE with release of 3.0 yo can pretty much make up about any Module you want to use with CE. And in the edit permissions on staff (admin) by “Modules” and “Groups”.

The API between CE and IW works great, however the API is pre-IW 3.0, so no Reseller Package control as of yet. However I am sure that will change in future releases of CE.

In regards to JAM, I just looked at the Affiliate plug ins and I only see JROX and iDevAffiliate. I am not current using either so I cant give you any feedback. As both of these have been added to CE in the last major release.

iDev works great!