Cluster Manager Setup

Hello all,

I’m hoping that somebody may be able to give me some advice with a cluster setup I am trying to implement. I have 2 servers with a view to expand further within the next few months. The servers are located in different geographical datacenters but within the same provider so presumably class-c’s in the same block would be possible to acquire if necessary.

My aim is to set up a cluster within interworx so that I can manage servers from 1 point, and upload files to one node (the master) in the cluster and have these files replicated to the nodes (this will probably need to be a custom implementation of rsync or a distributed FS).

Load balancing will be provided by an external load balancer, and while this is in a proof of concept phase the cluster master will be included in the load balancing. DNS, MySQL and web service settings will need to be replicated (not shared by nfs). Ideally I should be able to setup a new server and simply connect it as a node to the cluster manager and it should ‘just work’ or be pretty close to working.

I’m looking for advice on the best way to accomplish this (if anyone has actually tried this) and if there is anything I should look out for when I attempt it.

At the moment I’m unable to setup the cluster manager due to not having enough dedicated IP addresses available, but this appears to be a bug somewhere within nodeworx as I have 5 IP addresses on the box, 2 of which are set as dedicated and are unused.

Many thanks

Having spoken to support the bug in cluster manager setup was because cluster manager requires the main server IP i.e eth0 rather than eth0:2 to be the dedicated IP address which is not in use.