Cluster Question


On your Cluster Overview’s schema, the cluster manager act as DB server.
Can we install the DB on another server in the cluster ?

My thought is I want each server run a particular service, ie one DB server, two DNS servers, one NFS servers, two mail servers, and a few for Apache. Is this configuration possible with your solution ?

Thanks for answer,

The CM is the DB server and this cannot be changed in the current release and the config you mention isn’t possible with the current incarnation of the clustering system.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your precision.
Did you plan to make it possible on further release ?


[SIZE=2]Just to add a comment :[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Interworx doesn’t make what I’m searching, but I wanted to say what I’m just testing it (and I know and use a lot of Panel), and this is one of the best I know. Very simple to install and to configure, friendly interface … You can use it it even if you are a Linux beginner, all is here.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Good work, guys ![/SIZE]


Thanks Thya, we appreciate the comment and hopefully we’ll be able to suit your needs in the future.