cluster upgrade

Hello all,

I plan to use a 2850 Dell server as the cluster manager. With this server you might upgrade Storage up to 6 SCSI HDD (1.8 TB = 6x 300GB). With this server you might have RAID 0,1,5,10…

My question is about the addition of new space for the mounting point /home.

Let say I begin with 2x 300GB scsi drives. Enough for all my client storage needs. Then let’s say that few months later, I will have a much more clients (ha ha hope so), so I will need add more disks, say 2x 300GB. How to mount the new 300GB on /home for having new storage space added to /home ? Ok I know that if I do RAID10 (even 5 I think) I would be able to add these new storage spaces to /home ( ??? !!!)

Could somebody could tell me how it easy to add new space storage to /home in this cluster architecture ? Is the panel take in account the ability to add new storage space to the shared /home mount point ?

Thanks a ton for your suggestions, returns, …


Any idea or how to ?


Do yu think that a raid linear should do the job ?

Linux resizing of partitions isn’t “great” from what I read Pascal so while the cluster features don’t care that you make the partition bigger it may not be easy to do so. You can always move clients onto a second drive and symlink to them from /home. And any RAID that provide redundancy should do fine as the key here is not losing the data with performance being important but secondary in most cases.


What about LVM?
If you’ll need more space later you can add a new hardware raid and make a PV out of it. Then include it in your existing volumegroup and extend LVs (like the one /home will be on).

If you run RHEL 4 (CentOS 4) with ext3 and LVM you can resize your fs online.

Or maybe I misunderstod?


I forgot all about LVM :). That would work.