Connect to mysql from outside the server


In interworx/mysql it is possible de define authority access depending from where the connexion is made

Does it means it is possible to connect to his database from outside the server (basicly not with localhost) ?


Yes, that’s what it means Pascal and all you have to do is setup permissions in SiteWorx for the given user to connect from a different IP or range of IPs. (see step 8)

Yes, when creating the MySQL Users, there is a “When connecting from…” box which defaults to localhost.

You will need to, in there, specifiy the ip/hostname of the server from where the connection will be made.

It is possible to use % (wildcard) to allow access from any host, however this is not recommended (security).

I hope this is what you meant,


Ok in this case what mysql server adress the client has to enter in their scripts ? the IP of his account, host name ? even if it is a shared IP, it use to works or the siteworx account has to be on a dedicated ip ?


Since there is just one user MySQL running on the server, you should be able to put any IP or hostname that is on the server in question. Also, make sure your APF firewall is open for MySQL port, I believe it is open by default.