Considering InterWorx Panel

I’ve been hosting a small number of customers for the last couple of years and haven’t been considering going big with hosting until now. Most of my time in the past was spend on development and system administration.

I’m Currently running a number of services for my customers which include Qmail (clamav, spamassassin), MySQL 4.1.11, pureftpd, JSP, Apache:ASP PHP4 & PHP5 etc. The problem I find with most control panels is the inability to allow a skilled system adminsitrator to upgrade various software components when needed or to offer clients new packages. For example, I already have a number of customers who would like to see MySQL 5.0 support. I’m planning on upgrading to MySQL 5.0 once it’s officially released from beta and then migrating the various databases.

I noticed that you list all of the SRPMS of the various pieces required to support InterWorx Panel. I wondering how flexible this panel will be if I wanted to upgrade those components? Can I add new components or features into the panel via the API ie: Awstats, Tomcat/Java?

InterWorx uses it’s own instances of PHP, MYSQL, andd Apache to support the panel itself.

You can update the box’s main PHP and MySQL safely without damaging InterWorx-CP. Apache can be recompiled with new modules but InterWorx needs the Suexec settings in the .iworx apache RPM so don’t replace that.

Does that answer your questions?

IWorx-CP, for the most part, stays out of the way of the sysadmin. For most upgrades you can perform them manually without confusing interworx-cp but as all systems go there are limits. An upgrade to MySQL 5 will probably cause issues with how iworx talks to the MySQL server on the box and I honeslty haven’t looked at MySQL 5 enough to know what the major differences are that would affect communication.

Regarding awstats (which we already support) and tomcat/jsp. There’s not much you can do with the API here, but you can at least install and use the tools without confusing iworx-cp.


Thanks Chris,
I’ve decided to investigate the InterWorx panel further and have purchased a monthly subscripting in order to complete an extensive test of the panel. From your comments it seems that InterWorx will meet my requirements. I will test the panel under MySQL 5 and advise you on it’s compatibility. Thanks again…