Convert to Ligthspeed

I installed Lightspeed via the guide here:

Things went well with that and I have it installed and running. Also, have the plugin running in Nodeworx.

If I set the port to 80 in LightSpeed, this obviously conflicts with Apache’s Port 80, so, I can’t do that until after I migrate to it and shutdown apache. I did do a test by setting port to 80 in Lightspeed and stopped Apache, but then the site would not load, but with Lightspeed’s port of 8088, the example page loads (Lightspeed test page).

Is there a way to instead move my test site to be served by LightSpeed? I know when the plugin is activated, Nodeworx shows in the http configuration settings that Lightspeed is loaded and running. But, my pages still show Apache Running (Wappalyzer plugin for Firefox shows this).