Converting Siteworx Account to Reseller

Is there anyway to setup up the current siteworx accounts to be managed under a reseller account? or do they have to recreated? Thanx.

Right now you can either re-create the account, or

  1. create a full backup of a SiteWorx account
  2. copy the backup to a location outside the SiteWorx account’s space
  3. delete the SiteWorx account
  4. restore the backup when logged in as the reseller

I recommend going through this process at least once with a “dummy” account to make sure you’ve got the process down, since it does require deleting the account.

That said, this is feature is planned for the not to distant future so if it isn’t time sensitive you could wait it out.


If that is the case I’ll just wait it out :slight_smile: Thanks.