Couple of questions

We host several web pages, on a couple of them they actual pages are on a different server “other than the one running Nodeworx” but dns is done on the nodeworx server.

  1. In the past i have changed the A record for the hostname to point to a different ip, the problem this creates is we are nolonger able to modify any of the siteworx attributes because it now has an invalid ip address. Here is an example for the dns records A 43200 A 43200 CNAME 43200 CNAME 43200 NS 43200 NS 43200 MX 10 43200 SOA Edit SOA Properties 43200

Is this the correct way to do this? If not could you proviide a better way to do it. In all cases, we are only pointing to web pages no other services.

On all domains we are attempting to filter spam, and we would like all mail considered spam to be moved to a mailbox called under the siteworx account these are the options specified
required_score 5

Global Default Spam Preferences [?]
Preference: Value:
report_safe 0
use_auto_whitelist 1
rewrite_header subject

Im guessing that there is more to this because nothing is being moved to the spam folder, might you have any suggestions?

For #1, the problem is that iworx-cp expects that if you’re using the box itself to setup an account then it must be hosted on the box. This is why things break when you change the A rec of the main domain. Are you just using the iwox-cp box for dns or for other services (mail, etc) as well for the given acct?

For #2, are the messages in question being marked as spam at all (even when delievered to the wrong acct)?