Courier IMAP settings modified with each update

It seems that on many Interworx/Nodeworx updates the settings for Courier IMAP & IMAP SSL gets reset to defaults. Is there a setting to prevent this from happening or can you change your update regiment so that it does NOT revert changes we admins have made back to the package defaults?

In my particular case it ENV variable files such as MAXPERIP that keeps reverting back to its default and causing problems with customers using IMAP.


Actually, I need to correct my prior post…

It appears that the system is NOW reverting the setting back on a service restart.

This is a bigger problem than it just reverting on updates. This causes big customer service issues with customers that have multiple accounts being accessed via IMAP behind a NAT’ed connection. It cycles through denying their connections to asking for their passwords multiple times until they are able to send.