cPanel Imports

We’re using WHM 10.1.0 (cPanel 10.2.0-R82). We can create a backup just fine, but when we try to import that into Interworx, we get an error “LG_NO_USER_FILE_FOUND”. So my questions come:

  1. How can (or can we?) resolve this issue?

  2. When will Interworx see features to grab a live import from a server in the way cPanel can from Plesk?

-CJ Scaminaci
Server Administrator

  1. How can (or can we?) resolve this issue?

Can you PM me so we can get ahold of the backup to test it out, it works on our test boxes here with other backups fine. The only thing I can think of is that the upload didn’t complete cleanly if you’re doing this via the web interface. If the backup is large you may try ftp/scping it to the server first and then performing the backup using the ‘remote backup’ option.

  1. When will Interworx see features to grab a live import from a server in the way cPanel can from Plesk?

We’re working on a system now actually. Basically a “bulk import” from any of the support CPs to IWorx-CP.


Through the web interface, I uploaded it from one of our 100Mbit Windows 2k3 servers and it told me the file was too large. The backup was about 34MB and uploaded in about a minute. I then FTP’d it to the server and used the remote backup option, and that is where I got the error.

That would be great. We talked to you guys on the floor of hosting con and you assured us it would import cPanel. Iworx is kind of useless if we can’t get our customers over to it :(. What’s the ETA on that feature?



Rather than sending Chris a PM, could you open a ticket here:

With information on how to access the backup file. We’ll look into it immediately.


We’ve resolved this issue. The problem had to do with the fact that the backup had been renamed from the original filename, and we incorrectly based a few temporary paths on the filename of the backup. We have fixed this problem to no longer depend on the filename, and will be in the next update of InterWorx.

Until then, rename it back to it’s original filename. If you no longer have it on your cPanel box, you can find the original name by untarring the archive, and naming it after the directory that appears. For example:

tar -xvzf cpanel_backup.tar.gz

This will untar the backup. The contents will be a single parent directory, with all the contents and data of the backup as children directories.

You should then see a parent directory similar to this:


Use this in the name of your backup file:

mv cpanel_backup.tar.gz backup-6.12.2005_18-52-21_<username>.tar.gz

You can then use this newly renamed backup for the import process.