create.account XML API bug


I have a problem with the XML API create.account.

Indeed, when you create a new account using this method it create a dns zone with :
Only one NS record (ns2 in this case there is no ns1)
No ns in the SOA record.

The problem with this, is that all registrars in french check the validity of the DNS zone by using the AFNIC.ORG zonecheck.
This tools check in the DNS zone that the 2 names server are defined. In this case it is not as there is only one names server defined. So it complaints and return a FATAL error.
So All clients whom have a freench registrar can’t change for their domain, their name server to point to our.

If I create manually a new siteworx account I have the 2 NS record in the DNS zone and I have the primary one in the SOA record.

The Creation of a siteworx account with the XML API should do the same thing.