Custom modules compilation with Apache2

Can I have Apache’s proxy module, mod_expires, mod_headers and mod_gzip installed with Apache2 on the InterWorx?

Apache’s proxy module, mod_expires, mod_headers are listed as available Modules in Apache Documentation but I am not able to find mod_gzip in those modules.

Also I want to know that whether Manual compilation of Apache2 will break anything with InterWorx as InterWorx manages seperates conf files for each domain ( containning its VirtualHost entry??

proxy, expires, headers and gzip (deflate) are installed by default and they are most likely just commnted out in your httpd.conf (or they are already loaded). If you’d like to rebuild Apache with custom mods you’ll need to use our source RPM or just build them as loadable modules.

And as long as you use our source RPM you won’t break anything. The only real change we make is to the suexec base dir… beyond that it’s pretty stock.


Thanks for reply. Can I get the URL to get your source RPMs?


Does InterWorx provides some installation/fix/upgrade scripts like cPanel?

What were you looking for specifically?


hmmm… Not specifically but I just wanna know about the InterWorx so that I can perform tests on the InterWorx in order to explore its features as its documentation doesn’t provides much details.

Tim has been working for the last month on bringing the docs up to date and we’ll have a large release of docs to the public very soon. We’ll definitely be fixing the gap with docs and not with a plethora of fix-it/tweak-it etc scripts as cPanel does so pls keep checking back.


That will definitely help everyone. Thanks alot for the prompt replies. One last question, hope you don’t mind it?

Does InterWorx provides Trial Licenses for some days?

We have a free single-domain license available for folks who want to try it out.



Sorry to come back with this :wink: , but does the API doc will be updated and available.
We use the API since 1.4 (1.5 don’t remember? to create and delete account automaticly from our home made client control management and paye,ment gateway. We asked you to add the birthday date, because we manage our clients payements with this info. You added it, and it is great, but unfortunatly the API set by default the birthday date to 1, so we can’t use it yet.

An uptodate API doc could document all new features added since version 1.4 should be great

Also do you plan to create an API for updates ?