Custom theme for Diasble Page

When a site is placed as inactive, the default “This Site has Been Disabled” page appears when pointing a browser to the effective web site.

  1. Where can I go to customize this?

  2. Will the customization be written over with auto upgrades of IW

  3. Will the answer to #1 above change when version 3.0 comes out

  4. Can you give me the area to customize the Bandwidth HTML page.


#1 + #4: /home/interworx/var/disabled/ and /home/interworx/var/overage/ contain the two pages you want.

#2: The customization will probably be overwritten by upgrades, can’t say for sure.

#3: Can’t say.

#3 - no, but may change in later versions

#4 - which bandwidth page? All templates live in:

~iworx/nodeworx/smarty/templates/<your theme>


~iworx/siteworx/smarty/templates/<your theme>


OK, thanks guys.

Anyone know where is the site disabled page’s location?

/home/interworx/var/errors/disabled <- disabled pages
/home/interworx/var/errors/overage <- over quota pages