I’ve been looking at your product, and it really really looks great. You don’t know how long I’ve looked for a control panel that doesn’t use BIND. We currently use djbdns, qmail, vpopmail, mysql and apache and it was just so nice to see a control panel geared to more technical customers who want the ease of use sans the security issues. So, my only question is really do you have a best guess as to when you’ll have it ported to debian? I’m not impatient or anything, really.:smiley:
Sincerely, Sam
Penguin Hosting LLC


Glad you like the tool mix, as we’ve found them to tbe the best combanation of tools for a smoothly running hosting company.

We resist the temptation to make predictions on product features / platforms until we are 100% certain of their deliverabilty. That said I can say that we will support other platforms this year, but whether Debian will be on the list I can’t promise.


Debian support?


One year later,… ?What about Debian?


Avalua / all,

Debian is still on our ‘todo’ list but as with all things it’s got a given priority. Unfortunately it’s not as high as other key features to get IWorx-CP where we want it to be feature-wise. As I said in the last post it’s on our list but I have no timelines on when.