default DNS settings

When I create a account, I have to go to the records and change some records and IP addresses, in order for my DNS to work, is there a way that, I can have those done automaticly?

There’s no way to do it at this time arya6000.


do you think its the way I have my server setup? because not everyone changes there DNS records in order for the domain to work.


I’m confused. Are you asking the same thing here as you wanted to know in the private message or something else?

I explained to you how to set/change the default nameservers in NodeWorx, but that only works if the domain is pointed to your nameservers by the domain owner at his or her registrar. There is no way around that and it’s unlikely that will ever cange simply because of how the DNS system works.

When I created my first domain, it did’t work. So I had to add two new A records to my DNS records, and I had to change A IP addresses from internal ones to external ones. If I put in a new domain, will I have to change the records again, or it will have the ones with the first domain?

the values I told you to fill in are your deffaults for when new zones are created. If you create a new sitworx account called it will have the correct nameserver settings.

If you change your nameservers inthe future you will need to edit each zone to the new values manually. Eventually we will have a feature to mass edit dns entries, but that’s not an option right now

ok I see now, Thanks for all your help