Default file type on web request

Though this seems like a noobie question (and it may end up being so) I did some research here and am still not sure what’s going on.

I have configured a website through SiteWorx with both an Index.html and Index.php page in the root of the site. The Index.php page must be in that location with that name because it takes parameters and displays items in the shopping cart. The Index.html page had to be created for web optimization and should be the home page of the site. For example if I type it should pull up the Index.html page but right now it is pulling the Index.php page.

I went into the httpd.conf file for Apache and the DirectoryIndex line only points to Index.html. This leads me to believe that SiteWorx is setting the default page to PHP instead of HTML somewhere.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.

Take a look in your html directory for a .htaccess file. Unless someone has been making changes to the system somewhere the default index file is index.htm (remember most ftp programs and the dir command will not display files beginning with a period, us ls -la instead

If there isn’t a .htaccess file take a look at the DirectoryIndex directive in the approprite virtual host config file located in


To do what you want the it should read

DirectoryIndex index.html (or Index.html if you really capitalized it but in general it’s best to use all lower case letters for file names)

Default file type on web request


Thank you for the response.

Although these suggestions were very helpful to allow me to understand the process of the web server, none of them seemed to fix the problem I’m facing.

It seems that this is not a InterWorx issue so I will bring this to a more appropriate forum.

Thanks again.