Dev time on an interworx box requested


I’d like some time on an interworx box to implement its API into our software. I like what I see here, and believe it might be a nice alternative for some of our users.

If you don’t have a billing solution, and exchange of services can be arranged, we’re quite willing to pay of course - we’d need it for about 1 week.


InterWorx box


One of our staff member will contact you personally later on today and let you know all the details. We are looking forward to working with you.

You should be all set Saeven, let me konw how the whoiscart integration goes!


All done.

I’d like to report that the integration is complete, and that all modules to connect Whois.Cart() to Interworx 1.9 are well and published!

Thank you for having been very receptive to the changes suggested at our initial meeting - your actual implementation of these has made for a very smooth integration, I definitely look forward to future collaborations! If I can offer any feedback on the state of the API - whilst excellent - I believe that it lacks a ‘change plan’ feature:


array( 'access_key' => "fdsdjhfsduwhefh2",
         'domain'       => "",
         'package'      => "package" );

…which would allow us to change a given package on a recorded domain in the siteworx list.

The implementation took exactly 2.0 hours. A record thus far, and good testament to a product with great promise.

Best regards!
Thanks again Chris and Paul.

The official Press Release is here:

Thanks to whois.cart() for adding iworx-cp to their list of support panels!