Disable AWStats?

According to this page: http://awstats.sourceforge.net/docs/awstats_benchmark.html if you have 4mil+ hits per month, you shouldn’t really use awstats…

My server gets over 15 million hits per month… so awstats is a bit of a problem at generation time.

So is it possible to disable awstats, but still leave the others (webalizer, analog and whatever)?





service iworx restart

That should do it

service iworx restart

Actually, a restart isn’t even needed :). The stats cron will see the new INI changes when it runs next regardless.


Yeah, that makes sense :smiley:

Thanks Justec :slight_smile:

I know this is nicky picky, but actually what the AWStats says is “+4,000,000 visits/month” NOT HITS. There is a big difference between hits and visits.

But each HIT is logged, and awstats parses each line in the log file, whether it’s a page, an image, or some other file type.

Yes that is correct, but the AWStats page address Visits not hits as here is AWStats own definion of HITS:
This is other important information to know:

  • A log file size is about 150 (NCSA common/CLF log files) to 320 times (NCSA extended/XLF/ELF log files) its number of lines,
  • 1,000 visits = 8,000 pages (with 8 pages/visits) = 64,000 lines (with 8 hits/page) = 20 MB file => 15 seconds (Athlon 1GHz, Standard Perl 5.8)

So using the formula obtained from the AWStats web site you would need to have/exceed 32,000,000 “HITS” for this recommendation.

So thus…if your site is getting more than 32,000,000 HITS per month then it would be a problem. At least this is how I read it.

The stuff on one line of a log file for index.html is going to be exactly the same as the stuff for some_random_image.png, apart from the file name, file size and time of request. It’s still a line, it still has to be counted.

Awstats makes a distinction between Hits and Pages so that people can see how many people went to *.html, *.php etc (pages), and how many requests there were for all files (hits).