DNS and Scriptworx issues

Hello, I’m having 2 issues. The first is with DNS. Interworx automatically makes CNAM entries into DNS. For some reason this doesn’t seem to work. If I type just the domain in, it works but if I try www.<domain.com> it doesn’t work. So I delete the CNAME records and created A records. This works fine. Does anyone know the reason for this?

Also I’m having an issue with Scriptworx, it gives me an invalid folder error evertime I try to install something. Any ideas?



I’ve seen this CNAME DNS problem happen if the NS records for the domain don’t match the name servers specified with the domain registrar. Can you check that out?

We haven’t seen this scriptworx problem before, if you open a support ticket we’ll check it out.


Thank you for replying so quickly. I just registered a name and the primary DNS server for the domain is the interworx server that the domain is hosted on. This is odd, I’ve never seen this b4. Oh the issue tends to be intermittent, some connections it works others it doesn’t. Very strange.

RE: ScriptWorx Install Path

What is the string you are putting in for the folder in the scriptworx installation?
There are some tricky cases and the forthcoming documentation will be a little better as to what is allowed and what isn’t.


I’ve put in a number of different folders.


none of them seem to work.

If i type in: /coppermine then i get an error:
? There was an error while installing the script

Did the directory exist when you ran the script? I ran into an issue with that during the 2.0 beta stage. I found it’s best to let scriptworx create the directory.

This may sound silly, but have you tried simply using:


Which would create:


For some reason, I didn’t find that intuituve my first time using the install, either. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense – but I deleted an entire root install my first Scriptworx install.


JayBaen has it right, the path that you enter in the field is the path relative to the webroot. So, for example, if you want a phpBB forum located at http://somedomain.com/forums/phpbb, you would install to forums/phpbb

I realize that this is unclear, what could we do to make it more clear? An example or a sentence near the box stating how the pathing works?

Also if you receive an error while installing the script, the first place to check is the iworx.log (/home/interworx/var/log/iworx.log), it will tell you at what point in the installation process the script failed.

Bartigras, if you are still having trouble with an install via scriptworx, please open a ticket and we’ll be sure to take care of you.


I think the confusing part of the [?] help menu is the piece that states:

“enter the full path”

which tends to cause people to enter too much information in the directory (even though you follow it up with scripts/forum as the example).


(p.s. Just noticed I receive a “? There was an error while installing the script” for Xoops. I have other Scriptworx scripts installed with no issues – I’ll check the log).

I would encourage you to open a ticket if you get an error with a scriptworx installation because the system was completely rewritten for this version. If you do open a ticket, it will help us tighten up scriptworx :wink:

Thanks for the input, we’ll adjust the help and provide a better example.